Auto Repair

People passing by always ask why they don’t see Hondas, Toyotas, or Nissans.  But we DO perform work on these makes - in between working on  International, Ford, Chevrolet, Peterbuilt, and Volvo via the latest Snap-On diagnostic scanners and software!

Along with, NYS Inspections, Low Enhanced Emission Inspections, electrical diagnostic repairs, alternators, and starters, we also perform suspension and front end repair, brakes, air conditioning, manual and automatic transmission work.

We can handle every aspect of engine repair and maintenance, as well as complete tune ups, which includes spark plugs, ignition wires, ignition cap and rotor, fuel filter, breather, air filter and PCV valve. Most new cars only have spark plugs and PCV valve, utilizing a coil pack ignition system versus a cap and rotor.  These electronic ignition systems should be tuned every 90k miles for the best results.

  • We use Shell Oil products such as 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30 motor oils depending on the application. And Shell high pressure chassis lube.
  • We use fleet quality filters such as Baldwin oil and air filters.
  • We are a Interstate Battery dealer and stock many commons applications. 

Our typical Complete Service includes changing the oil and filter, checking and lubing the chassis as needed (and examining the front end before lubing for any loose steering linkage), as well as all belts and hoses and topping off as needed all fluids under the hood. We also check gear lubes, transfer case fluids and drive axles for the car or SUV being worked on.  Lights, tire pressures, the battery and lubrication of door hinges are also looked over.

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